Kay's Real Estate

Kay’s Real Estate started in Burnett Heads in 2009 and we are the market leaders here.  All of our team live, work and play in Burnett Heads so we have a wealth of local knowledge and collectively, we have over 26 years of real estate experience. 

Burnett Heads is that undiscovered coastal village everyone’s been looking for.  It’s still a sleepy little town with fantastic fishing, crabbing, snorkelling, swimming and sailing – so shhh – don’t tell too many people about it! 

But there’s a lot more to Burnett Heads than that – we’re the largest international yacht entry port in Australia and have a world class marina as well as great boat launching facilities that cater for the whole region.  We also have the largest mainland turtle rookery in the Southern Hemisphere – right here on our shores. 

We are well catered for with some of the best restaurants and coffee stops in the region and it’s only a 15 minute drive to the thriving city of Bundaberg. 

Major developments are now planned for our waterfront, and we have caught the eye of Terry Ryder, Property Expert, who has named our region as a potential growth area if everything proceeds as planned.